Sending patient-reported outcomes (PROMs) data to the American Spine Registry (ASR) can help track your patients’ perspective on the outcome of surgery in conjunction with other clinical measures. If your site utilizes the ASR recommended PROMs, you will also be able to compare your data to national benchmarks.

We recommend utilizing a health-related quality of life measure (either PROMIS-10 Global Health or VR-12), an anatomical and functional measure, and a pain measure. ASR recommended PROMs include:

American Spine Registry Recommended PROMs

Additional PROMs we accept include:

  • PROMIS Emotional Distress – Depression
  • PROMIS Emotional Distress – Anxiety
  • PROMIS Pain Interference
  • 5Q-ED

All ASR sites are required to submit baseline (pre-operative) PROMs with a follow up at 90 days (three months post-operative). A one-year follow up is a requirement for Vanguard sites, but we recommend all participating sites to submit one-year post-operative PROMs follow ups. Sites may submit PROMs at any interval in addition to their mandatory intervals.

Does your site need a technology solution for administering and collecting PROMs? The RegistryInsights® PRO portal can be used at no additional cost. Contact ASR Support at to receive the necessary forms to start using the PRO portal today.