There are five key roles that should be present at every American Spine Registry (ASR) participating site. If you or others at your site are unsure of the different functions and permissions that should be available to a specific role, check our handy Roles and Permission Rights table.

American Spine Registry Roles and Permissions

Each site can have one Authorized User and as many users in the other roles as they would like. Some roles have more access than others. The specified roles are not mutually exclusive, as one person can have more than one. Below is an overview of each role.

Registry Authorized User Role: This role is the general administrator and primary contact for RegistryInsights®. The Registry Authorized User assists with onboarding, role assignments, and updates related to the Registry. The Registry Authorized User has access to view all site data and dashboards and is the main contact for non-technical requests.

Patient-reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) Site Administrator Role: The PROMs Site Administrator executes and monitors PROMs surveys for their site. They can create multiple PROMs Clinician users for the PROMs collection process and manage PROMs submission and collection at multiple locations.

PROMs Clinician Role: The PROMs Clinician has access to pre-register patients for surveys, edit and add survey answers within the platform, and view the scores from surveys.

Surgeon Authorized User Role: Surgeon Authorized Users have access to only their patient data. They can gather reports and charts from their data but cannot view their entire site’s data.

Data Submitter Role: The Data Submitter has access to submit data via SFTP and RegistryInsights. They will work with the AAOS Registry technology team to validate and correct data submitted to the Registry.