We encourage all ASR participants to submit patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs). They provide a fuller picture of your patients’ care and can be compared to national benchmarks. Below is a table that outlines the PROMs intervals that we accept.

ASR will provide national benchmarks against the pre-operative assessment and the 12 months post-operative assessment. However, a site may choose to collect patient assessments more frequently based on their program goals. All ASR sites are required to submit baseline PROMs with a follow up at 90 days. A 12-month follow up is a requirement for Vanguard sites, but we recommend all participating sites submit 12-month post-operative follow ups. We will accept PROMs past 12 months as well.

There are many PROMs available for cervical and lumbar spine surgeries, but the ASR only accepts the measures below. Please note that we recommend that all sites submit a quality of life measure and a disease-specific measure. National benchmarks are only reported against recommended measures.

Recommended PROMs:

  • Numeric Rating Scale (NRS)
  • PROMIS Physical Function or Oswestry Disability Index (ODI) 2.1 / Neck Disability Index (NDI)
  • PROMIS-10 Global or VR-12

Additional PROMs Accepted:

  • PROMIS Emotional Distress – Depression
  • PROMIS Emotional Distress – Anxiety
  • PROMIS Pain Interference
  • EQ-5D

If you have any questions about PROMs data submission process, please reach out to ASR Support at Support@AmericanSpineRegistry.org.