The American Spine Registry (ASR) leadership is comprised of an equal number of surgeons from both the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). These stakeholders are from various specialty societies and are all vested in improving spine care. The 2020-2021 ASR leadership committees and their members are below.

ASR Executive Committee (EC)

The EC provides leadership across the development of ASR, oversees the committees formed, and ensures surgeon representation from AANS and AAOS.

  • Anthony Asher, MD, AANS Co-Chair
  • Steven Glassman, MD, AAOS Co-Chair
  • Todd Albert, MD
  • Darrel Brodke, MD
  • Kevin Foley, MD
  • Jack Knightly, MD
  • David Polly Jr., MD
  • Chris Shaffrey, MD

ASR Data Operations Committee (DOC)

The DOC oversees the development of the Data Specifications and Data Dictionary, monitors data quality, and provides strategic oversight on data elements updates.

  • Mo Bydon, MD, AANS Co-Chair
  • Clint Devin, MD, AAOS Co-Chair
  • Erica Bisson, MD
  • Leah Carreon, MD
  • Elizabeth Norheim, MD
  • Paul Park, MD
  • Kris Radcliff, MD
  • John Ratliff, MD

ASR Data Use Committee (DUC)

The DUC oversees the data access policies, reviews submitted hypotheses, informs the platform dashboards and reports, and provides strategic oversight on data dissemination.

  • Praveen Mummaneni, MD, AANS Co-Chair
  • Doug Burton, MD, AAOS Co-Chair
  • Dom Coric, MD
  • Frank Phillips, MD
  • Eric Potts, MD
  • Sheeraz Qureshi, MD
  • Raj Sethi, MD
  • Mike Wang, MD

Additional ASR Surgeon Champions(s)

  • Jacob Buchowski, MD
  • Key Opinion Leader Taskforce – to include members from across sites to inform decisions on an ad hoc basis

ASR Executive Committee Photo

Executive Committee

Front row

Left side: Anthony L. Asher, MD – co-chair

Right side: Steven D. Glassman, MD – co-chair

2nd row

Left side: David W. Polly, Jr, MD – AAOS Representative

Right side: Kevin T. Foley, MD – AANS Representative

3rd row

Left side: Jack Knightly, MD – AANS Representative

Right side: Chris Shaffrey, MD – AANS President

4th row

Only person: Darrel Brodke, MD – AAOS Representative